About Us

Desiree and Cameryn met in 2021 and quickly bonded over their passion for both sports and photography. Both Cam and Des grew up athletic, playing various sports. We now get to use our passions together to capture other people's love for sports and nothing could make us more happy. We love being able to capture the raw moments, the seriousness, the smiles and the competition throughout all the wins and loses.

Desiree has been a passionate photographer since childhood, starting with a disposable film camera photographing friends and family. She grew up playing competitive fastball and continues to play in her free time. She is currently a student in the Photography Program at Fanshawe College and is the Fanshawe Varsity Athletics Photographer. She also owns a wedding photography business where she continues to grow her passion for photography.

Cameryn graduated from Trent University with a BBA, then went on to Fanshawe College where he received a Marketing Management Certificate. Cameryn played competitive Hockey throughout his life and also was a member of the Trent Cross Country Team. Cameryn currently works as Social Media Specialist for a Non-Profit STEM Education Organization. He combines his education and business experience with his skills and passion for sports photography to provide exceptional service to clients.

Together, Desiree and Cameryn have the skills and knowledge to be your number one choice for sporting images.